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19 Apr 2013, Article
Oberon's Grove Groove Review
Who Is Domenico Dragonetti? Or I guess more appropriately: who  was  Domenico Dragonetti?  Well, he was something of a rock-star in his day (late-18th thru mid-19th century), a virtuoso double-bass player who left his native Venice in 1794 for London where his career flourished. He came to be admired by such great composers as Beethoven, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Pagannini, Liszt and Rossini. A prodigy, by age 13 Domenico was playing in the orchestra of the Venetian opera buffa  ...
19 Apr 2013, Article
Juilliard Journal Review
DISCOVERIES A (Mostly) Forgotten Composer and Violin Duos, With Grit and CreamBy  BRUCE HODGES April 2010 Dragonetti’s New Academy. Chamber Music of Domenico Dragonetti. John Feeney, double bass; Loma Mar Quartet. (DNA2009) Born seven years before Beethoven, Domenico Dragonetti (1763-1846) was a bona fide double-bass virtuoso, who at age 13 became principal bassist at the Opera Buffa in Venice. With this outstanding and subtle recording—performed on period instruments—John Feeney, ...
05 Apr 2013, Article
Chamber Players- Don't forget the Bass!
Chamber Players: Don't Forget the Bass! John Feeney talks about the bass and its prevalence in Classical-era music By  John Feeney posted May 2010 3 user commments There is a rich, extensive chamber- music repertoire for double bass that has been largely forgotten. Yet, the bass—with its distinctive timbre, resonant overtones, and strong rhythmic articulations—is a favorable addition to any ensemble. In chamber-music contexts, these qualities are invaluable, but bass is largely ...
05 Apr 2013, Article
Dragonetti into the light- by Claire Sykes
24 Mar 2013, Article
Strad Magazine review of Dragonetti's New Academy CD
CD Reveiws The Strad's experts evaluate the latest string recordings Dragonetti Description:  Accurate, muscular and impressively controlled playing by John Feeney, principal bassist of the Orchestra of St Luke’s Musicians:  Dragonetti’s New Academy: John Feeney (double bass) Loma Mar Quartet Composer:  Dragonetti Piece:  Quartet no.1, Quintets nos.13, 18 & 31 Published Code:  Dragonetti’s New Academy DNA 2009 Domenico Dragonetti is best known for ...
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